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Bringing the buried technology of each country to the world market!

In many countries, even great technologies are not fully utilized.

We, Miharashi, Inc., will utilize the wisdom and experience of a group of experts to introduce potential technologies to the global market and help realize business expansion.


We, Miharashi, Inc., provide a wide range of services, from consulting to consultation on specific management issues and sales issues. We will propose the optimum solution by making the best use of the valuable personal connections and information routes that have been created through many years of experience. We will support new business development not only in Japan but also in overseas markets such as the United States and Asia, where future growth is expected.



Planning is the beginning and most important stage of the project. If you can plan correctly, it's the same as getting a map to proceed with the project. What is the purpose of the project? What kind of issues are there in the process? You can understand the future plan correctly. Sufficient information gathering is essential for proper planning. We, Miharashi, Inc., will be happy to assist you from the planning process based on our many years of experience.


We have been told enough to hear the importance of strategy. However, in reality, when it comes to the implementation stage, attention is focused on the tactical level, and there are many cases of failure in pursuing tactics that deviate from the essential strategy. MIharashi, Inc. provides various support so that we can always return to the strategic level and make the best decision at that time while communicating closely with the people involved in the project.




We always give feedback on the results of the project. It is important how far you have achieved the specific goals you originally planned. If it can be achieved, or if it cannot be achieved even partially, the cause will be clarified and used for the next tactical development. If necessary, retroactively modify the strategy. The important thing is always reasonable overall project progress management.

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